In 1997 a group of committed individuals representing government, non-profit and private sectors believed a community loan fund could make a difference in Saint John. Since  1999, we have grown from offering loans, to now offering training, social finance, and social purpose real-estate. We have touched the lives of thousands through our training, and helped launch over 100 businesses. but we can do much more.

Volunteers, donors, investors and funders have provided the resources to develop programs, finance individuals, and to finance our major investments in neighbourhood and social purpose real estate.

In order to scale our work and continue to make a difference in our  region we need innovative thinkers that love to get things done. We need marketers to tell stories, financiers to oversee books, we need investors who believe we can create change right here.

So, whatever your resources, whether time, skills, money or network; we need you!

Call us at 652-5626, or fill in the form below. Thanks in advance for investing in your community!

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